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1642: The course of the Civil War in Northamptonshire


Wednesday, the 26th October.

The King’s Souldiers bare ransacked and spoiled the Lord Spencer’s house and Parke, neer Banbury, and the Lord Spencer’s house is also plundered in Northamptonshire by the Cavaliers, although the said Lord hath long attended the King, and sideth with them.

Thursday, the 3 of Novem.  

The Lord Generall sent a special messenger to the Parliament, to advertise them of his present intentions and affaires, which messenger relateth that his Lordship, with his whole Army, consisting of 12,000 horse and foot, and 37 pieces of Ordnance, marched yesterday out of Northampton to Oulney, in Buckingham-shire, and intended to be this night at Brickhill, and he saith that all his souldiers. together with the Ministers, are well, lusty, and merry, and better able to doe service than when they first went from hence, being endured to cold, labour, travell, fasting, wind,  and wet, and that they are of suc. undaunted courages that they feare no colours nor dangers.

Monday, 14th of Novemb.

The Deputy Lieutenants of Darbyshire, Leiceshire, and Nottinghamshire are to meet the committee at Oundle, in Northamptonshire, to consult of securing those counties from pillaging robbers. The inhabitants of Darby Town contribute largely towards the present affairs; some of them a £100 some £50, according to their present severall abilities.

Saturday, the 19tb of November.    

The ten Counties Northwards that have lately associated themselves have done it by a speciall and particular order from both the Houses of Parliament, and they are now raising of 1,500 Dragooneers, whereof the County of Darby finds 100, Nottingham 100, Lincolne 330, Leicester and Rutland 200, Northampton 300, Bedford, Cambridge, and Huntingdon 300, and the County of Warwick 200.

Monday, 21st of Novemb.          

The Parliament hath given a Speciall License to the Counties of Bedford, Cambridge, Darby, Huntingdon, Leicester, Lincolne, Northampton, Nottingham, Rutland, and Warwick, to associate themselves in hae verba. “Novr. 19, 1642. It is this day Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, that the County of, &c., may enter into an Association for their defence and safety, and that such and such persons, &c., shall be a committee to meet at such time and place as they shall thinke fit for raiding of men, horse, armes, or ammunition, and ordering all things necessary thereunto, and that the Lord Gray, Son to the Earle of Stamford Hall, command in chiefe the forces to be so raised and have power to Traine and carry the said Forces to such  places as lie shall think fit, and to subdue, fight with, kill, and slay, and imprison all such persons as shall levy War without the consent of both Houses of Parliament.”

Certain Information from severall parts of the Kingdome.
From the 13 of November till the 20 of November, 1643.

The Cavaliers of late have faced the Towne of Northampton once or twice, expecting to have it betrayed unto them by one Captain Palmer, but his treachery was discovered, for which he is sentenced by a Counsell of Warre to be shot to death.

Northampton Mercury – Saturday 26 February 1881
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