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Gramps is an excellent, open-source (free) genealogy program. It is primarily a Linux solution, but don’t let this put you off as it is available for several other operating systems including Mac OS X. There is also a Portable Windows version described here which can be run from a USB stick. You can also run this version from a folder directly in Windows without needing to worry about technical dependencies.

Its beauty comes from the fact that it can export from an import to the database in CSV format so makes for an easy way of transferring spreadsheet data to a genealogy database and then via GEDCOM to any other program of your choice. The export and import process is fully described here

It handles imports for the following fields:

Person, Lastname, Firstname, Callname, Suffix, Prefix, Title, Gender, Birthdate, Birthplace, Birthsource, Baptismdate, Baptismplace, Baptismsource, Deathdate, Deathplace, Deathsource, Burialdate, Burialplace, Burialsource, Note

Marriage, Husband, Wife, Date, Place, Source, Note

Family, Child

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