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The Boroughs – Celebrating the Coronation 1937

The Boroughs of the pre-war period was a close community, poor but neighbourly.

During the pre war period the Boroughs enjoyed a close community of poor but neighbourly residents

Regent Street in 1937 is seen celebrating the coronation of George VI. The houses are hung with bunting in preparation for the forthcoming street party. At the bottom of Regent Street St Andrew’s Church can be seen, a popular place for weddings, christenings, funerals and the large Sunday School which served children from many of the poor families in the area
The advertising board on the left is for the Exchange Cinema in Market Square.

Residents of Compton Street celebrate the coronation, 1937

Residents of Compton Street, the second street down off Spring Lane, also celebrate in 1937. The houses were small but the families were large; several of the women are holding babes in arms. Most of their children would attend Spring Lane School. The houses on the right are three storied, unusual for the Boroughs where accommodation was nearly always cramped.


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