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Photo Gallery

The first two pictures of unknown dates in my collection have family connections.  They were both previously in the possession of my grandmother Maud Ward.  Any suggestions in identifying them would be appreciated.

The third picture is a postcard looking north up the Drapery in Northampton it was taken about 1903.

If you have any suggestions as to who these people are – please contact me.

Henry & Elizabeth Vorley?

I believe this couple to be Henry and Elizabeth (Clarke) Vorley, born 1837 & 1838. The photographer was Henry Cooper of The Drapery, Northampton.

Henry & Elizabeth Vorley?
Henry & Elizabeth Vorley?

Which group is this?

I have no suggestions as to the people in the group, it may include a member of my Ward or Vorley families. It was probably taken in Northampton, but there is no indication of who the photographer was either.

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Which group is this?

The Drapery, Northampton 1903

Looking north from outside All Saints church. Note the tracks for the horse-drawn trams.

The Drapery, 1903

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