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Chapels in Northamptonshire

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This directory is compiled from many resources including my own research.  If you have any details of any chapels in Northamptonshire not included in my list or can add any details I would be pleased to add them if you e-mail me. The majority of chapels are of the three major nonconformist groups, Baptist, Independents and Methodist.  Independents were later known as Congregationalists and in 1972 joined the Presbyterians to become the United Reformed Church (URC).  The Methodists are represented by two major groups, Wesleyan and Primitive who merged in 1932. Some other groups are also listed e.g. the Moravians and some more recent formations.  It should also be noted that some chapel buildings have changed ownership and denomination.  From my directory of chapels I have produced two maps showing the early Baptist  and Independent Churches in Northamptonshire.  The distinction is difficult in some cases, for example Carlton in Bedfordshire, started as an Independent, then became Baptist but left the Northamptonshire Baptist Association in 1793.  During the 19th century it adopted a Strict Baptist position.

Early Baptist Churches in Northamptonshire

Early Independent Churches in Northamptonshire

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