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Sources for researching Nonconformists in Northamptonshire

The August 2015 edition of Footprints includes an update on Nonconformists in Northamptonshire.

by Graham Ward

This publication is a research guide to the complex area of nonconformist history with particular reference to Northamptonshire.  By 1851, 28% of the county’s population attended a nonconformist chapel, so it is likely that pan of your family will be involved with one of these groups. This booklet will help you to understand the different records that are available for research into nonconformity in the county.  Topics include: background and historical context, sources for people and places, a brief overview of the different denominations, details of non-conformist libraries and societies plus a detailed bibliography and list of the non-conformist registers held at Northampton Record Office.

Available from the Northamptonshire Family History Society bookstall for £2.50 plus postage (UK 45p, airmail £1.40) ISBN 1904460275,

First published November 2004, revised 2011

Included in the publication is a directory of resources, those referencing webpages are detailed below.  If you are aware of any changes to these details please contact me.

Resource Website
Baptist Historical Society
Brethren (Plymouth Brethren, Open Brethren)
British Library Public Catalogue
Congregational Library

Congregational Federation
Congregational History Society
Dr Williams’s Library
Friends House Library
Harris Manchester College
Huguenot Library
Huguenot Society
IGI and British Vital
John Rylands Library – Methodist CollectionsGuide to Methodist Colections
Special Cillections:
Manchester Wesley Research Centre
Methodist Heritage
My Process for Exploring the Family History of Primitive Methodists
Northamptonshire Heritage Forum (formerly Northamptonshire Association for Local History)
Northamptonshire County Council’s Community Information DirectoryNo longer available
Northamptonshire Libraries
Northamptonshire Record Office
Quaker Family History Society
Regents’ Park College (Angus Library)
Society of Friends or Quakers
Strict Baptist Historical Society
Unitarian Historical Society
United Reformed Church

United Reformed Church History Society
Wesley Historical Society
Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History (OCMCH) [Westminster Institute of Education]

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