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Northampton Castle and the Boroughs

The area of the Boroughs was at the heart of Medieval Northampton

The Norman Castle built by Simon de Senlis occupied land near the river in the south east of the Boroughs. The great north gate of the Castle faced onto Fitzroy Street and parts of it remained in the Victorian period (see image below)

Artist's impression of a reconstructed view of Northampton Castle. Black and white line drawing.
Line drawing of the north gate of Northampton Castle

View of the NORTH GATE OF THE CASTLE (from Sepia drawing in Abington Abbey Museum, date and artist unknown). On the southern side of Fitzroy Street is an old stone wall, with a gateway. Just within this wall was the old Moat of the Castle, and on entering the gateway was, at one time, to be seen the view here reproduced, making some allowance for artistic conceptions. The position of this North Gate is well shown on the map.

More about the history of Northampton’s castle can be found on the FONC Friends of Northampton Castle website.


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