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Paul’s Address Book

Preview the App in a short video.

This App is a re-creation of the Apostle Paul’s address book based on the Acts of the Apostles and Paul’s letters. This is not intended to be a definitive statement of events, people and places in Paul’s life, as the intent of the writers of the source material was not for historical or biographical purposes but as documents of faith intended to proclaim, teach, and encourage the various early Christian communities. Over the centuries and continued today, there has been much discussion of the detail and possible chronology of the events described. However, some definitive incidents can be dated from other contemporaneous sources.

Paul is known by various ‘names’ Paul, the Apostle Paul, Paul of Tarsus and St Paul.

You can preview the App in a short video.

This FREE App can be downloaded from

The App is intended to run on mobile devices, but will also work on a laptop too. You can either run the app from the link above or when you first run it you will be given the option of creating a shortcut on your home screen.

You are welcome to use this app in any appropriate way whether it is for personal study, to support teaching or preaching and especially to inspire you with your own research into the life of Paul.

Suggestions for improvements and additional content are most welcome. Comments can be written in the app or you can contact me directly.

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