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Northamptonshire by Charles Smith 1808

Smith, C. A  reprint of the 1801 edition. 
In Smith’s NEW ENGLISH ATLAS . . , I804. 2″“ Edition. Corrected to 1808. large folio. 

Smith, Charles.[1801 edition] A New Map of the County of Northampton Divided into Hundreds. London Printed for C. Smith No 172 Strand. January 6th 1801. Smith 5: Jones sculp. Pentonville. Scale, 10 Miles. (=3 5/16 ins.).19 x 16 3/4 ins.
A verv well engraved map. coloured in hundreds and also showing towns (with their distances: from London). villages, churches and chapels, parks and gentlemen‘s houses, forests, hills, roads (with miles numbered along the important turnpikes). rivers. the Grand Junction Canal with its branch to Buckingham. the Oxford Canal and (northwards from Northampton) the “Proposed Union Canal.”1

  1. Source: A Descriptive List of the Printed Maps of Northamptonshire AD 1576-1900. Harold Whitaker, Northamptonshire Record Society, 1948.

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