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CSV file

Many family historians collect family data in Excel (or other another spreadsheet program) as research progresses.  There often comes a time  when it would be useful to convert that data into a Gedcom file so that it can be imported into a Family History program without re-keying the data.

There are several approaches to this, most will involve some reformating of the layout of the Excel data first.

Here is one method using Acc2Ged. The program is small but powerful, and what it does, it does very well indeed and quickly. It can take the results from a series of CSV files, representing information for births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials. It will combine the data into a single GEDCOM complete with proper links to family, children, parents, etc. 

The program can be downloaded from

Note that this is a 16-bit DOS utility and will not run on a 64-bit PC unless you install a DOS emulator such as the freeware DOSBox within which to run acc2ged.exe.

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