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The church meeting in heaven

By the late REV. J. RYLAND

“What singing! what shouting! what heavenly greeting!
Shall there be, at that general, triumphant church-meeting.
Nor illness, nor business, nor length of the way, 
Shall keep from that meeting one brother away. 
Temptations, and trials, no more shall be known; 
Nor Satan, nor sin, shall e’er cause us to groan. 
Each shall tell his sweet story, nor need it be short, 
It will never be night, there’ll be time enough for’t. 
Each strange dispensation will be then understood, 
And we shall see clearly, all wrought for our good. 
May the foresight of glory constrain you and me,
To consider what persons we ought now to be! 
To pray for your brother, my dear friend, fail not, 
For, alas! you can’t think what a heart I have got! 
So stubborn! so stupid! so carnal! so cold! 
One half of its wickedness, cannot be told. 
But, Lord! thou dost know it; thou only canst bend it 
Oh, search it! and break it! and wash it! and mend it!”

Baptist Magazine, June, 1812.

© Copyright : Graham Ward. All rights reserved.