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Lost Churches: St Andrew, Northampton

St Andrew Northampton was built in 1841 from public subscription. Its parish was a densely populated area that was originally part of the historic parish of Holy Sepulchre in the town. Known locally as “the Boroughs” it was until this building was erected well served by nonconformist meeting houses.

Built of local sandstone it survived largely unaltered apart from the removal of all the pinnacles at some stage. The church took its name from the Cluniac priory of St Andrew that stood nearby but not the same site. The architect was a local man Mr E F Law.

The first drawing was produced by Mr E F Law before construction, the final design being somewhat less ornate. I walked past this church on many occasions before its demolition in the early 1970s. It was always open but had a real sense of a church that had lost its congregation.

Today, close to the site there is a large cross lying in a raised grass area but surrounded by an uninspiring collection of low-rise flats.

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