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Roadblocks and Checkpoints

During World War 2 you could not travel far in and around the town of Northampton and not be aware that the country was in a time of war. Apart from air-raid shelters in most streets and many gardens, the town was surrounded by a number of checkpoints and roadblocks. Within the area of the town, there were a number of “Defended Localities” and anti-tank islands. This was part of a defensive strategy to delay the advance of the enemy had invasion occurred.

Northampton's Roadblocks and Defended Localities WW2

You can also view an interactive map here.

The data for this map is extracted from Listing of sites and premises within 30 miles of the museum that were used for military purposes during the 20th Century published by the Harrington Aviation Museum.

The Harrington Aviation Museum is located just 13 miles north of the town and tells three aspects of the story of the airbase: the 801st (Provisional) / 492nd Bomb Group during WW2, Operation “Carpetbagger” – flying “Special Operations” personnel into enemy-occupied territory, notably France, and the testing of Thor missiles at the base during the Cold War period.

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